Concord Consulting Engineering PC (CCE) provides full scale engineering consulting services for Mechanical (HVAC), Electrical, Plumbing, Fire Protection and Fire Alarm (MEP/FP/FA) systems. CCE works on all types of buildings ranging from commercial, residential, institutional, municipal, educational, base building, hospitality, retail, restaurant,  tenant fit-out programs, and light manufacturing facility structures.

eval Identifying sustainability as a focus parameter very early in the project is imperative for a successful result. We holistically seek to identify inefficiencies, poor maintenance, obsolete technologies, and determine if cutting-edge technologies can be implemented, or if current structures can have their energy efficiency enhanced. Sustainability must be practical and of course cost effective or it will not be adopted as a parameter

planWe thoroughly compose a plan of approach and cost evaluation to ensure that we can achieve your sustainable building goals and reduce operational costs.

collab In order to ensure open communication we actively collaborate with architects, engineers, and contractors.

desiLeveraging our extensive experience in LEED design, we construct an environmentally responsible solution to improve performance.

reviewWe create effective construction documents and iteratively review the implemented design to ensure that environmental standards and codes are in compliance.

Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

-Heating, Ventilation, and Air Condition (HVAC) Systems
-High Efficiency Boilers (Hot Water & Steam)
-Chimney Vents for Boiler Plants
-Chillers (Air & Water Cooled)
-Roof Top Units, Split Systems, VRF ( Variable Refrigerant Flow) Systems
-Thermal Ice Storage
-Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
-Automatic Temperature Control Systems (VAV, Heat Recovery, Custom HVAC, Dx, Variable refrigerant heating & cooling)
-Piping System Design
-Outside Air Pre-Treatment and Dehumidification
-Water Source Heat Pumps
-Lab Fume Hoods, Airflow & Monitoring Systems


-Emergency power systems providing Code required and Customer desired back-up systems
-Lighting design and control, including automatic controls and dimming systems
-Power distribution systems
-Emergency and critical power systems including generators and UPS
-Lightning Protection Systems.
-Photovoltaic Systems
-Emergency Generators
-Interface of low-voltage systems (Audio-Visual, Telephone/Data, Security, Customer local alarms).

Fire Protection

-Fire Suppression Systems
-Sprinkler System Design
-Hydraulic calculations for New & Existing Systems
-Design Modifications on Existing Systems
-Determination of NFPA Design Criteria
-Water Service & Fire Pump Systems Design
-Fire Protection Feasibility Studies
-FM200 & Ansul Systems


-Domestic Cold & Hot Water Distribution
-Natural Gas Piping
-Storm Drainage
-Sanitary Drainage & Venting
-Plumbing Engineering Consultant Services
-Hot Water Circulation
-Fuel Oil Systems
-Compressed Air Systems
-Grease Interceptors
-Vacuum Systems
-Back flow preventers

Fire Alarm

-Design of Fire Alarm, Sprinkler Alarm, Smoke Alarm/Detection Systems
-Fire Alarm
-Sprinkler Alarm
-Smoke Alarm/Detection