Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning

We specialize in a range of innovative air treatment solutions. Concord Consulting Engineering offers energy efficient and custom tailored designs for boilers, chimneys, cold storage systems, as well as custom temperature control systems and airflow structuring


Innovative and practical solutions for energy efficient lighting design. Concord Consulting Engineering PC designs emergency power systems providing code required and customer desired back-up systems.

Fire Protection

Full fire protection engineering services including fire suppression systems and sprinkler design. CCE has a portfolio of high level experience working on water service and fire pump systems. We design new and modify any existing systems to meet specific client criteria.


Modern technologies and cost effective design of plumbing systems. We always strive to find simple solutions to complex systems and implement best engineering solutions in our practices.

Fire Alarm

Code compliant and cost effective design of fire alarm system based on building and occupancy specifics. Knowing this industry well, we always take an extra step to coordinate details with local Authority Having Jurisdictions prior to drawings submission to avoid possible delays in development.